Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bush Sugar Baby Watermelon

My first ripe Bush Sugar Baby watermelon was ready yesterday. It had a hollow sound when I thumped on it and it had some yellowing on the part that touched the ground. Blemish free on the outside. Sweet smelling inside. My father was here to share it with. It was the perfect size for two people. Although it looked and smelled great, I thought it was a bit bland. On the other hand, my father thought it was good. It has been a particularly rainy season which might have something to do with the lack of flavor. These vines took up very little space, so I will give them another try next season to see if the yield and flavor improves. This vine only yielded this ripe melon. There are two softball-sized melons still outside, but wilt has pretty much desimated the foliage and vines.


  1. I grew sugar baby last year with mixed success, and probably won't grow them again. In my opinion, melons are one of the most difficult things to grow in my square foot garden. The ground does so much better!

  2. These were planted in the ground in the back of the yard. I haven't tried it in my SFG raised beds since I didn't have much space. I've been rethinking my decision about growing them again next season. I prefer seedless watermelons anyway. It was fun to give watermelon-growing a try though.