Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Is anyone else making diagrams and plant/seed wish lists yet? With temperatures in the teens the last couple mornings, I've been daydreaming a lot about my garden. Luckily it's seed catalog time! They are tempting pieces of eye candy. Actually more than tempting. Downright convincing. After deciding that my garden is greatly lacking in one of the most important elements, fragrance, I starting flipping through them.
I have decided to add the following fragrant annuals:
1. Old Fashioned Vining Petunia - Evening fragrance.
2. Sweet Alyssum - I think I have a packet of Carpet of Snow that I never used. Nice for edging and filler around other plants.
3. Nicotiana sylvestris - Fragrant in the evening. Large! Planting near porch to enjoy the fragrance at night. Hoping to entice some beautiful moths as well!
There are so many plants to choose from. It was almost impossible to finally decide on just these three. My perennials, veggies, fruits, and shrubs take up most of my gardens, but I do have certain areas I try to keep open for annuals. I think these three fragrant annuals will help to fill out those areas quite nicely. I've never grown these before, so experimenting with them will be a lot of fun.


  1. Planning ahead for enjoying the scents is really smart! We try to position gardenias in places where the scent will drift towards where we congregate outside.

  2. Gardenias! I love the smell of gardenias.

    I've decided the nicotiana will be by the back porch where we hang out on warm summer evenings. The sweet alyssum will line the sidewalk along the side of the house. The vining petunias will also be by the back porch plus along the street to give evening dog walkers a scented treat. I'm hoping to find that one of two of these plants will turn out to be winners around here.

  3. I've been trading seeds like crazy.I've already put out several wintersown bottles of mostly shrubs.I grew the carpet of snow last year,very nice edger also gold dust allysum,bloomed and bloomed and smelled wonderful.The gold dust also called basket of gold in some seed catalogs,is a perrenial.It was real easy to wintersow..

  4. Basket of Gold. I've never heard of that. I'll have to check into that one too. I used to trade seed a lot when I had more room. Now after the addition of many shrubs, fruits, and perennials I don't have much space left. Every year I convert a bit more grass over to gardens though. I used to trade seeds quite a bit when I had more space. I did it through the Garden Web Exchange page. I always had a good experience there.

  5. Kim, we plan on planting more flowers this year to entice the bees to come so they can also pollinate our squash etc. We have moved the Blueberry bushes to the edge of the property and we will use that bed for the flowers since it's close to the garden.. These nice days work has been done getting the land ready...

    1. I'm adding more flowers as well. Mostly to attract more hummingbirds and butterflies, but I'm sure the beneficial bugs and bees will enjoy them as well.

      I have been taking advantage of the nice weather just like you. I put down weed barrier in between my raised beds to help eliminate grimaces by my hubby for having to attempt to mow and trim in between them. I also had the chance to take the finished compost out of my worm bin. And, of course, I've been daydreaming my gardens. The seeds have been purchased, and now I'm getting ready to start my first seeds of the season.