Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ice Storm 2011

I hope all of you are safe and warm out there. Quite a storm has hit a huge part of the country and is finally coming to an end. This is what I woke up to this morning. There are many other things I can see out the window that I would like to take a picture of, but I'm not going out there!
A male cardinal waiting to take advantage of the feeders and water.The new water wiggler I bought around Thanksgiving is still spinning, despite the cold, with its first set of batteries. Nice! Lots of birds were using it to bathe yesterday. I also have a birdbath heater in there. There's not a spot of frozen water to be seen even during this ice storm.


  1. There are some beautiful pictures out there. I don't want to go out either!!

    We lost our electricity for about 45 minutes...hopefully, it will stay on now!

  2. Look at those icicles! Even on the flag! Brrr!

  3. Robin,
    Luckily it was only 45 minutes. I remember storms in central New York where the power would be out for days. I kept the heat on this morning just in case.

    Yeah. There is ice on everything! It looks like the temperature is getting up about freezing....slightly. Hopefully my car will come out of its icy igloo today on its own. Fingers crossed.


  4. That flag is crazy! Stay safe.

  5. Our entire driveway and steps turned into a sheet of ice. It was not fun to shovel it today. So heavy! Your birdbath is so neat!

  6. The birds can't thank you enough. You are the best friend a bird can have under these cold conditions. The 'spa' you have created is wonderful! Enjoy the warm indoors as much as the birds are enjoying the warmth you have provided for them outside.

  7. The squirrels are enjoying the food and water just as much, if not more, than the birds. Stay warm where you are as well. Spring is just around the corner....or at least that's what I keep telling myself!