Thursday, May 6, 2010


Last season I went through a phase where I just had to have irises. Below are three irises I purchased from Gilbert H Wild...Not to mention all the daylilies I've bought from them as well. Pictures of those will be here in the summer....but for now, let me show you my newest irises.
Enchanted One
This reblooming variety holds its flowers approximately three feet off the ground. The flowers are saturated with rich color, and the stems are strong. This is one of the latest irises blooming this Spring. All of the ones I purchase tend to be rebloomers, so I look forward to seeing these the most in the fall. If you don't know which one to choose, get this one if it's available. A five star iris!
Autumn Circus
This reblooming variety hold its blossoms about three feet off the ground. Strong stems hold the flowers upright unless there is a really bad storm. They are a beautifully, intense shade of purple that contrast nicely with the white.
City Lights
The colors don't look as rich as the advertised pictures. A problem with this variety is its weak stems that can't support the weight of the beautiful flowers.


  1. The Enchanted One is so pretty! Wonderful eye candy, Kim--thanks!

  2. I didn't realize until yesterday that it also has a really pretty sweet, floral scent. Could it get any better? :)