Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snow...Lots of Snow

Does anyone have a sore back this morning? Here near Reading, Pennsylvania we received somewhere between 18-24 inches of snow in less than a day. It sure is a pain to shovel, but it definitely looks beautiful from a window inside a reativitely warm house. The back yard have two large yews on each side. They are about 10 feet tall and 15 feet wide. Can you spot them under all that snow on both sides of the birdbath?
FRIDAY AFTERNOON: It was clear that a big storm was coming. The birds were flocking to the birdfeeder. Especially the cardinals and house sparrows. It didn't start snowing until after 6pm, but by the following afternoon...SATURDAY AFTERNOON:
On the bright side, I started my first set of seeds on Friday...right before the storm hit. I will be posting my seed starting method along with many pictures soon. Stay warm everyone!


  1. haha, I really enjoyed those pictures =)

  2. This was from the first storm. We got about TWO MORE feet on Tuesday evening into Wednesday afternoon.