Sunday, August 12, 2012

A portion of today's harvest.  Caroline raspberries.  Only a fraction of the ripe Sun Golds the are out there.  Celebrity tomatoes in the back with two large Marion tomatoes in the front.  A Salad Bush cucumber.  Yummy food and lots of hummingbird sightings.  It's a good day.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

 Caroline Raspberry picking!
 Fruit Smoothie Zinnia.  The purple flowers are alright.  The orange are stunning!
 Bees like them too.
 I couldn't take looking at my Alberta Spruce anymore.  It had two years of struggles against drought and spider mites.  I dug it up, and now I will coddle it for a few months in a container.  If it doesn't show signs of improvement, I'll finally be able to let it go.
 Heirloom vining petunias.  Awesome fragrance and haven't been without heavy blooms yet!
Fragrant Cloud rose with a worm nestled up against it.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

I was looking out the window and could see this guy from 15 feet away.  A monarch cat.  After looking for less than a few seconds I saw three more.  Yeah for tropical milkweed.  Plus, even though I'm in zone 6b, I notice a bunch of small milkweed plants that are only about 2 inches tall.  Great fresh food for these guys.  Most of the plants have just started releasing seed and are blooming heavily.  My favorite milkweed!!! 
Right next to the milkweed was this zinnia with a friendly ladybug visitor.